"To love or have loved, that is enough."

No, not just a random quotation from Jean Valjean in Les Misérables, because the connection is strong with this one. Dean, our groom for this wedding is a stage actor and has portrayed the protagonist from Victor Hugos world famous musical at The Queens Theatre in the West End. As well as that, Dean is also a drama teacher at Charterhouse School, our incredible venue for the wedding.

Our Bride Helen, is herself an incredibly talented performer, singer and dancer, in such shows as Jersey Boys and Kinky Boots. Their confidence and performing talent shone through during their engagement session, which also took place at the school. What a location by the way. One of those ones I will probably never have the opportunity to shoot again but am delighted to have had the experience. Such a vast, sprawling location was no match for two photographers, high on. the thought of pie and chips for dinner (more on that later).

Venue: Charterhouse School, Surrey

Brides Dress: Mode Bridal

Brides Shoes: LK Bennet

Grooms Suit: Roomten

Bridesmaids Dresses: Badgley Mischka

Florist: Flowers by Rosemary

Hair: Beautiful Brides by Charlotte

DJ : JPC Events

wedding bridal shoes at the foot of a wedding dress
Bridal bouquet standing up on a table, dark backgound
Teardrop earrings on a marble top table

Steph and I made the journey together up to Godalming in Surrey, to a pub where Helen our stunning bride was getting herself ready for the day ahead. Walking into this very dark pub made me very nervous upon arriving but thankfully Helen seemed to be in the lightest room in the place! Together with her sister bridesmaids, nieces and nephews, all excited for what lay in store. We found some lovely spots for taking photos of the details including a really darkly decorated area in the bar of the pub. This provided a great contrast to Helens brightly coloured bouquet.

Bride admiring her wedding dress on the morning of her wedding
Vicar checks his watch waiting for the Bride

The photos don't actually do justice to the sheer size of the chapel at Charterhouse. More of a cathedral in size that presented some logistical difficulties, but ones I felt we overcame really well. It was a lovely service, and Dean knew the Vicar quite well and his patter, comedic timing really gave the service that extra something.

If you know our photography, you know we love our confetti shots. One of the most natural reactions you will get on a wedding day is one when someone has just taken a handful of dried petals to the face. If thats what it takes, then so be it!

Drinks were next, and these took place in the school cloisters, with group shots just outside that area so people didn't have to do too much walking back and forth. The backdrop of the exterior of the cloisters and the garden was . . . *chef's kiss*.

Heres what Helen & Dean had to say about us.

"They came highly recommended by a friend who works in events."

"From start to finish Darren (& steph) were an absolute joy to work with. Friendly, professional and super helpful on the day. We wanted minimal fuss and to capture as many natural moments as possible. They absolutely nailed the brief and we are thrilled with the results. The guestbook went down a storm too. Thank you so much DBPhotography!"

Having been able to shoot their engagement shoot at the school a couple of months previously was a real godsend. I meant we could scout out the location and get to know the place, for the purposes of logistics but also where to take them off to for photos after the ceremony. I certainly didn't want to drag them around the whole site in their wedding finery, so we went in with a clear plan of locations to hit and in what order. The above shot composition is one you will see often in my work. I love intimate shots but theres always place for a big, spectacular backdrop too.

The arch of cricket bats had been mentioned to me before the day by Dean but then all went quiet. It was only on the day one of Deans grooms party informed that yes it was still happening and they think its not. Queue shocked and overjoyed reactions.

Below is a pair of photos, left and right that are very simply, excitement at pie and chips, and we all know that feeling.

Bride excited for her wedding dinner
Cricket bats all lined up against a wall
Groom very happy with his food

I never even considered the existence of a giant battenburg cake before this wedding. Now i'm frustrated they aren't more common.

In the three images above Helen and Dean have opened an envelope. We were given the heads up that the reaction would be great for this moment. Dean is captain of a cricket club and that club had a whip round for their honeymoon. As you can see from their reactions, that collection must have been very generous.

Helen and Dean were such a joy to photograph. Their poise and elegance when posing, coupled with a down to earthness that I am delighted to say all my couples have in common. I love that I attract those people, you people.