Dance the Night Away!

When it comes to creating an unforgettable wedding reception, the most important element, arguably, is the music. The right selection of songs can set the mood, get guests on their feet, and create memories that will last a lifetime. Not to mention the great photos that those filled dancefloors can create.

Create That Perfect Playlist!

Here are my 10 steps to creating that perfect playlist to send to your DJ. You should always have 100% faith in their ability to keep the party going, but there is nothing wrong with chipping in with your suggestions.

1. Collaborate and discuss: Sit down together as a couple and discuss your musical preferences, favorite songs, and the overall vibe you want for your wedding party. Consider the genres, eras, and specific songs that hold significance to you both.

2. Identify must-have songs: Make a list each of the must-have songs that you want to include in your wedding party playlist. You may come from a position of liking different genres and styles but that's ok. A wedding party should reflect you both and any good DJ can find a way to get from S Club 7 to Slipknot.

3. Consider guest preferences: Take into account the musical tastes of your guests. While it's important to include songs that you love, also think about including a variety of genres and eras to cater to different age groups and ensure everyone can enjoy the music. It's a long night so there's plenty of time to appeal to everyone's tastes.

4. Plan the flow (only if you are doing the music yourself): Create a flow for your playlist by organizing the songs in a way that builds energy and keeps the party going. Start with some upbeat and familiar songs to get people dancing, then mix in slower songs for breaks or special moments, and build up to high-energy tracks for peak dancing times.

5. Dont be afraid of the Cheese!: No matter how cool you are or how eclectic your music tastes are, Cha Cha Slide will rear its head at some point over the course of the evening. A guest will request it, or you'll want to remenisce after a few shandies.

6. Enjoy the party: Once the playlist is set, trust in your choices and enjoy the party! Dance the night away with your loved ones and celebrate your special day with the perfect soundtrack.